July 12 Kids Church Lesson: Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

Joseph had many setbacks in life. In fact, he had some of the worst things that could happen to a person take place in his life.

In spite of all of the bad things, Joseph was able to see that God’s hand was at work in his life. In this lesson, the children will learn how God can use the bad things that happen in life and turn them around to accomplish His GOOD plan.

July 5 Kids Church Lesson: Don't Hit Back

Joseph had a huge opportunity. The brothers who rejected him and sold him into slavery were now standing before him. He had the power to punish them for the rest of their lives or even order them to be killed.

Instead, Joseph made the choice to forgive his brothers of the wrong they had committed against him. He even went a step further and blessed them and their entire families. It was not an easy decision, but Joseph did what was right.

June 28 Kids Church Lesson: Getting Rid of Stinking Thinking

Joseph’s brothers returned to their father to give him the news about what they had been told by “the leader in Egypt.” Immediately, Joseph’s father began to whine and complain and engage in negative thinking.

He assumed the worst, blamed everyone else, and ignored the feelings of those around him. It was not a good situation. His example gives us a pattern of what negative thinking can do to a person.

June 21 Kids Church Lesson: Can God Ever Reach _____?

We tend to put people in categories. Some people we think are potential Christians. Others we label as “hopeless” and assume they will never give their lives to God. After all, they are just “too far gone.” We stop praying for them, witnessing to them, or even hoping for a change.

Joseph’s brothers would probably have been on his “unreachable” list. But, God showed that His love can reach anyone and bring them back to Him. Through an amazing series of events, God reaches even Joseph’s wicked brothers.

June 14 Kids Church Lesson: When You Feel Forgotten

Joseph sat in a cold dark prison for two whole years waiting on Pharaoh’s cupbearer to put in a good word for him so that he could be released. But, all the while nothing happened.

Often, we don’t see the hand of God working and begin to think that God has forgotten us. But, the Lord says He will never fail us or forsake us. We must ignore the silence and understand that God is working behind the scenes even when we can’t see it.

June 7 Kids Church Lesson: Why is This Happening to Me?

Sometimes, even when we choose to do the right thing, life can deal us a bad hand. In those moments, we have a choice to make. Will we blame God and get angry? Or will we continue to do what’s right in spite of our situation?

In this lesson, we learn about Joseph’s response to hard times. Like Joseph, we must continue to do right even when everything seems to be going wrong.

May 31 Kids Church Lesson: Running From Temptation

Many times we face temptation to sin and it is difficult to resist. Although nobody perfectly resists temptation, it is possible to resist temptation and keep from sinning.

In this lesson, the children will learn from Joseph’s good example. They will learn how to handle temptation in the right way and NOT sin.

May 24 Kids Church Lesson: Dream a Big Dream

Joseph had a dream. The only problem was, he didn’t handle his dream the right way. Although God wants us to dream big for Him, we should not use God’s dream for our lives as a means of making ourselves feel more important than others.

In this lesson, the kids will be challenged to dream big for God and to use that dream to accomplish God’s will for their lives.

May 17 Kids Church Lesson: Nobody's Perfect

Our past does not exempt us from being used by God.

God looks beyond the outward appearance and present circumstances to see what we can become.

Kid will learn that Joseph’s past, family, and situation was less than perfect. Yet, God used Joseph in a mighty way